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Our Expertise

We understand the public sector's policy objectives, the private sector's economic imperatives, and the inherently political public-decision-making process. We have subject matter, policy and political expertise that uniquely allows us to serve client needs. 
PPP Institutional Framework & Policies
  • Assessing PPP legislative, regulatory and economic environment

  • Establishing and organizing PPP units

  • Developing guidelines, manuals and procedures for evaluating PPP opportunities

  • Identifying and qualifying PPP pathfinder projects

Project Feasibility & Financial Modeling
  • Developing pre-feasibility studies to determine project readiness

  • Developing feasibility studies, including market testing and Value for Money analysis

  • Drafting PPP Business Case

  • Analyzing required financial resources, bankability, and affordability

  • Developing Procurement Plan

  • Drafting tender documents

  • Proposal due diligence

  • Unsolicited proposal procedures

Transaction Advisory
  • Assessing market readiness

  • Proposal due diligence

  • Financing options and sources

  • Negotiating advice


Training & Capacity Building
  • Identifying training needs

  • Developing training plans and materials

  • Delivering training sessions

  • Assessing future capacity needs

  • Online, Video & E-Learning Capabilities

Business Development & Public Affairs
  • Identifying and screening PPP opportunities

  • Identifying best-in-class partners

  • Building stakeholder consensus

  • Drafting communications plan, including public testimony


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